Oxford Black Alumni Network

The Oxford Black Alumni Network connects hundreds of black Oxford graduates from across the generations. It inspires alumni, and those who follow, to fight for their causes and achieve common goals. It involves them in projects encouraging others to raise and reach their own aspirations.

We are black alumni of the University of Oxford.

Welcome to the

'supporting each other to achieve challenging common goals;

Inspiring others to raise and Reach their own aspirations'

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Featured Message: Join the Network

If you are a black African or Caribbean alumni of the University of Oxford, join the network today!

Membership of the Oxford Black Alumni Network is open to University of Oxford graduates of African, Caribbean descent, and other similar backgrounds (including African American and Afro-Latinos, etc.) If you are not, but would like advice, outreach, or anything else, please complete the form on the 'Contact Us' page; we'd love to hear from you!